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Colorful diamonds and gemstones provide jewelry solutions to men and women, across cultures. This has been a tradition and an unavoidable practice since centuries.

A sturdy sparkling dazzle, diamond, is the hardest mineral crystal measuring 10 Mohs' on scale. Due to it's this unique characteristic, it is also used as an industrial abrasive extensively. However, it is acclaimed as the most sought after gemstone, especially for love and betrothal purpose.

A versatile beauty accessory, both for women, several colored or shaded diamonds are also available. For example, naturally colored ones come in shades like yellow, orange, brown/cognac, and black which are also easily found. Rarer ones count on lovely pink, light green, and lavender.

Prized rarer ones which are extremely difficult to find, boast on hues like deep blue, red, and dark green.

To take care of your highly valuable diamonds, easy steps at home can be carried on without much fuss. Simple tips like never store them with other gemstone(s). This can cause unwanted scratches and lines on surface of gem.

However, keep them intact in a soft cotton cloth or bag them in a silk cloth piece to avoid rubbing against any hard material.

Do not ever leave them on your dressing table top, carelessly as you return from a party. Its perfect hardness cannot hide its brittle nature. Diamonds' could chip or irreparably crack if hit hardly. In addition, it is advisable to avoid wearing diamond jewelry during rough or strenuous work.

It's always wise to bring your diamond ring or pendant to a trusted jeweler. This practice can enable endurance of the gemstone, as he/she will be able to notice and correct any undesired loosening of the prong setting or any required repair work.

Noticeably, extensive usage of creams or sprays or household chemicals can encourage building up of a superficial film of grime on surface of gemstone. However, the same gleam can be reverted back by dabbing the top with a wet, soft tissue.

In addition, a home method of cleaning can be carried out too. Soak your diamond jewelry in luke warm water mixed with a mild soap. After some time, with a soft bristled toothbrush, concentrating the prong area, it can be completed.

Metal dissolving abrasives like chlorine, should not be applied to diamond or jewelry surface. Such harmful chemicals can loosen the metal prong or even erode them.

Diamond is best cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. Sending high frequency sound waves are very much possible to clean the jewelry, under the guidance of a professional jeweler.

Source by Jennifer Citrine