5 Birthday Carnival Games and Activities For Hosting a Birthday Carnival Theme Party

5 birthday carnival games and activities to get your next carnival theme birthday party hopping! All of these games are set up as different booths just like they would be at a carnival. Consider passing out tickets to the children and having each game cost 1 or 2 tickets. Some of the prizes for winning could be more tickets, so they can keep playing.

1) Quarter Toss: Put a quarter in a bucket of water. Have the kids toss a penny into the bucket trying to get it to land on top of the quarter. Harder than it sounds!

2) Strong Man: Have the kids take turns trying to lift a weight. You can use anywhere from 2 pound dumbbells to 10 pound dumbbells depending on the age of the children. Anyone able to lift it gets a prize.

3) Carnival Pie Eating Contest: Have a pie eating contest to see who can eat their slice of pie the fastest. Make sure to cut all of the slices the same size. Use a timer and a buzzer to make it even more exciting.

4) Right Duck Wrong Duck: Put plastic bathtub ducks in a kids size plastic swimming pool with water in it. Have numbers on the bottoms of the ducks. Have each child choose one duck and look at the number on the bottom. The numbers can correlate to different prizes. One number could mean the child has to forfeit all of their tickets. If this number is chosen give them a special activity they can do to get their tickets back.

5) Feed the Clown: Paint or draw a clown face on a piece of cardboard or poster board. Cut out a hole where the mouth is. Make pink fluffy bean bags and call them cotton candy. The kids must feed the clown the cotton candy to win the prize. It is a traditional bean bag toss with a carnival theme.

Source by Kelly Finn