A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Decor Prep

Life comes without a manual guide. We have to learn every single thing by our own. There is no shortcut to lead a perfect life. We can only create perfect moments in life to make it more worth and meaningful. Childhood is one of the best phases of learning where the resonance of lessons is certainly high.

Every day comes with learning and a reason to celebrate life more. Birthdays are one of such events that give a new definition to celebrations and happiness. If we speak about births, the first thing that strikes our conscious mind is cake, balloons accompanied by loads of laughter and love. Be you a parent or guardian to the kid in the family, the excuse to celebrate the birthday is always on the next level. But, have you ever thought of allowing the child to be responsible in taking care of little things on the big day?

If no, then this is the high time to gear up your responsibility to make your child more responsible in life. There are certain ways through which you can groom your child's cognitive as well as behavioral responses with a great maturity, which will certainly be dipped in the cream of fun and enjoyment.

Let's have a discussion over the visual treat in the party. It is a well said and proven proverb that "First impression is the last impression"! It is important to make the ambience of the party memorable and unique. While having a pen down of responsibilities to decorate the venue, you can easily add up a fine contribution of your kid to make him feel even responsibly as the host.

Three distinct ways to indulge kids in birthday party decorations

1. Leave your imprint: Yes, you read it write. Let your child be the soul of decoration theme. Allow him to show his creative potential by drawing and sketching the party venue. You can arrange a big white board and can ask your child to leave his hand imprints and other creative sketches to make the venue live with the colors of innocence, all around.

2. Blow up the balloons: The energy level of a child is always on its peak. Utilize his energetic enthusiasm by asking him to take an active part in blowing up the balloons. You can help them and can ask them to blow the air with a wish in every balloon. This will let the child to perform excellent in this event.

3. Making a wonderful invitation card: There is always a special value of handmade things as compare to readymade. Ask your child to imbibe creativity and sketch a beautiful invitation card for the invitees. The innocence imbibes with creative ideas from young minds, will definitely work as a catalyst in making the party, a hit!

These little- little contributions from your little ones will create a high impact on making your event, a wonderful event. On the other hand, it will also help in grooming your child's mind in a progressive way.

So, get ready to set the fire with young explosive creative minds. Let's get altogether and make this statement true: "For every successful birthday party, there is a child behind it"!

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna

Water jaunts have never been more popular than they are today. A boat club is a great way to get in on the fun. One of the hottest ways to take advantage of a boat club is to rent a yacht and throw a theme party on it. Here are five ideas for a naval party:

1920s Casino Night

A yacht is a perfect place to create a casino, as many real casinos operate on the water. Keep the attire glamorous with fedoras and feathered boas. Throw on some old jazz to set a decadent mood. Some other suggestions include setting out dominoes and cards for Canasta (with instruction books), as both games became popular in the 1920s. Strings of pearls draped around various fixtures plus peacock feathers harken back to this festive era. Finger food like stuffed mushrooms, olives, and deviled eggs work well for this night.

Disco on the Water

The night calls for disco, and to keep it authentic, spin the tunes instead of playing them from an iPod or laptop. Think Donna Summer dresses, Liza Minnelli satin, and Andy Warhol's wide tie and black suit. Have a couples disco dance contest. Another cool suggestion is to put out a few of the Simon electronic memory games, as the device debuted in 1978 at the popular discotheques. This theme can really get as wild as the club itself, but as long as no one hides any money in the ceiling, all should be fine.

Tacky Couples Get Together

This theme requires that people pull out all the stops to look as bad as they possibly can. The costumes on this night can include bad wigs, hideous clothing, awful makeup, and bad fake teeth. A rousing game of Twister will have everyone enjoying an eye-full for sure. As far as food goes, it's best to serve pre-packaged delights and maybe even a few colorful jello molds. The music on this can be from any era, but make sure to throw in great 80s tunes.

Celebrity Night

A celebrity night theme is sure to keep guests guessing who's who, because, in all honesty, a lot of people don't look like stars! However, with a little creativity and a change of swagger, it is possible to evoke big time stars. Another version of this would be Favorite Character Night. This theme might be a little easier for people to pull off because so many iconic characters also have iconic costumes, making them instantly recognizable. Since most big movie stars spend a lot of time in L.A., West Coat fare like sushi, tacos, ramen noodles, and frozen yogurt fit best.

Viking Rampage

Real Vikings might have felt a bit out of place on a boat club yacht, but party Vikings will love getting aboard. This party will really stand out if the food features raven banners set on top of it and if there are fake swords and fake Viking axes set around the yacht. As far as food goes, barbecue fare just seems to fit this theme so well. Since guests should dress like Vikings, naturally that means that no one can come aboard without a Viking helmet.

Renting a yacht at a boat club is a great way to party away the night, no matter what the theme.

Source by Andrew Stratton