Commode vintage en bois 4 tiroirs années 50 60 : Meubles et rangements par chopardesign

Commode vintage en bois 4 tiroirs années 50 60 : Meubles et rangements par chopardesign

Brass table lamps are usually antique in nature that offers a dignified homey look in the living room. Its purpose is to provide light or illumination for the person working on the desk. With its antique features, it takes you back to the olden times.

There are original antique table lamps made from brass and there are imitations that you can find anywhere from thrift shops to online stores. However, original antique table lamps are quite expensive and you can find them in an auction sale, antique store or in a collection gallery that is not for sale but for viewing purposes only.

There are different designs crafted on brass lamps. Each design speaks about history in an art form. It tells a story of art and reflects a period in our history when the artistic design was created. These designs tracks back to history. There is a common and simple design created and named after its purpose. An example is the banker's lamp. History named it the banker's lamp because it is commonly used in banks during its time.

The design of banker's lamp is simple as it has a green glass shade with a brass base; it has a chain used to switch it on or off. The banker's lamp is just one of the designs of antique brass table lamps. There are sophisticated designs that translate its designs with a history as well. A couple of examples are Art Deco Brass Lamps and Art Nouveau Brass Lamps.

The Art Deco Brass Lamp has a design that speaks of the mid 20th century. The design is more complicated. It has elements of architectural and geometric designs handcrafted into the table lamp. It also uses brass at its base. The art and design incorporated tells us about early industrialization. Its price is not ordinary. The 1930 art deco brass lamps may cost you $ 8500 while the art deco brass lamps of the 70s are cheaper at around $ 1900.

The Art Nouveau Brass Table Lamps have a design of European art. The design has an organic inspired and floral touch into it. You can find many of these designs replicated from the original. Even though the prices of the original antique art nouveau lamps are less expensive than the art deco lamps, it still costs a lot around $ 1875.

Imitations of these brass lamps are far less which you can find from $ 20 to $ 300. You can find them from thrift shops to online stores. Either way you choose to have your table lamp it still serves the same purpose of illuminating a room while giving a special lighting source in a room.

Source by Matt Gibbons