bead crochet scarf | Beaded Turquoise Crochet Skinny Scarf/ Necklace – Hur's…

bead crochet scarf | Beaded Turquoise Crochet Skinny Scarf/ Necklace – Hur's — photo only

What could be nicer than your sweetheart, can you have your baby with bibs? Chopped boots are not that easy to do, but when you get a hang of it they are very simple and very easy to do. Here are some of the easy to make styles you would love.

Peep Toes Crochet Booties: Peep toes are a simple pattern that does not cover the entire foot but only covers the toes. That's why they are called thieves. You can always get them from the market but make them yourself for your kids would be a very fulfilling experience. So don't let this chance go and try to do it yourself.

Folding Crochet Booties: These are made to resemble the adult tall boots. They are nice because they can either be worn as adult boots or can simply be worn after folding. It is easy to fold them because they are not made of a hard fabric but are crocheted. Test your hand on these to understand how well they could look.

Animal Crochet Booties: These are the most attractive of all. They are loved by people all over the world. It's about the animals that all find very fascinating. You can see what color and pattern your child likes most and makes booties according to it. If you're confused about which animals to incorporate, you can take advantage of the toys he or she likes to play with to get a clue.