ESPRIT Jeans, “Skinny Fit”, Slim Leg, mittlere Leibhöhe

Jeans, “Skinny Fit”, Slim Leg, mittlere Leibhöhe

Hacking is a good time that can be a hobby and a way to make some extra money. Starting is not a difficult task, but getting a smooth and even hooked edge is a challenge for most people. Here are some ideas that will help you achieve the great finish.

Arc Edward Edging

This crochet edge is very interesting and versatile, as it has a vintage look. It can either be sewn directly on the edge of cotton or other material, or hooked onto the edge of the material. It is good to use as a trim in blankets, dresses, throws, curtains and even the Afghans.

Lattice Ruffle Edging

This large crocheted edge can be used on handkerchiefs, tablecloths, scarves and even blankets. The type of sewing you choose will depend on the type of project you have, as there are many ways to hook the grid's ruffle edge.

Pineapple swirling