These 20+ Free and Easy Crochet Scarf Patterns Will Blow Your Mind

Crochet canvas is a great way to save your tables and desks from looking naked. Whether it is retro-style or modern, a crocheted canvas shows the decorative feeling of values ​​in front of the guests.

Elevated cloths can be made either simple or complicated, depending on the skill level of the crochet. Elevated cloths can be of any shape, square, round, rectangular or oval, but it is better to choose a shape that fits well with the shape of the table. Here are some of the beautiful hooked canvas patterns:

Tablecloth with hooked borders

This pattern of cloth is made by acidic Irish crochet roses on the edges of the cloths. Sometimes you can also make a small section of such raised roses in the middle of the canvas, which matches the edges. With medium hardness you can easily do this.

Dappled blossom canvas

This is perfect for all entrance tables or dining tables. Bet, your guests can't leave without appreciating it. The usual size of this fabric is 16 inches x 41 inches. The skill level required to make this tablecloth is intermediate.