Trendy Crocheted tops this winter Idea

Trendy Crocheted tops this winter Idea

Cowls are great for winter seasons when you need to keep yourself very warm. Worn around the neck, they can be a replacement for the usual long scarves. In addition, you can also have a hood that covers not only your neck but also your head. Crochet patterns come in many different colors and yarn types. The pattern you choose depends on your taste and your needs. Some of the amazing patterns of hook hairs are shared in this article.

Butterfly Stitch Pattern

The butterfly seam looks awesome on the pattern, mostly a laced type pattern due to the openings remaining. Depending on the type of butterfly pattern you choose for your cowl, the sewing will differ, but basically you will not have butterfly stitch and chain stitches. The size of the butterfly will also vary depending on what you need. This cow is ideal for warmer days, when you need to wear your hat more for ornamental purposes than for heat.

Ribbed Stitch Crochet Cowl Pattern

The ribbed seam can be used both with knitting needles and with crochet. You can make a very beautiful coat if you use yarn of different colors or a multicolored yarn. You can choose to use the double-chopped mask or the half-double hood seam to achieve the ribbed appearance. This need some training of you is a beginner, but fortunately there is tutorial online.