Very Easy Crochet Hat And Scarf

Very Easy Crochet Hat And Scarf | Knitting Bordado

Scarf is a cute and small size fabric designed with crochet. Different types of simple and tricky patterns of crocheted scarf are available for design. Some of the scarf patterns are designed as below,

To make this pattern use some acrylic yarn and a yarn needle to weave at the ends. Before you knit you should feel the slip knot, chain and double hair to create this design.

It is a stripped scarf with cream and gold yarn. It is a simple pattern of single and double chin and this can be done by N-shaped hook. Using yarns, you get chains of 72 inches. Use the alternative colors to make your cozy stripped scarf.

Here's what you need is N (9.0) crochet hook and 1.5 skein lion marking and for knitting you need a needle to crochet the ends. The width of this scarf is 6.5 inches.

This is a bright cozy scarf pattern. It is crocheted with a classic V-stitch and knitted in a round pattern. Two threads are held together to knit this design. The grinding stitch is also used to make this scarf.

This design is made with a single rib stitch made with 5 glow by Purl Sohos Merino. To knit this scarf you need to boye s size P-hook hook with 10mm length. A perfect chopper can design this scarf with a single crochet with 140 stitches.