Decorating Tips For Easter – Making Your Own Easter Lily Silk Flower Arrangement

With Easter around the corner we are going to see the artificial Lily’s sell out quick so don’t delay in getting started on your project right away. I always see the florist get ready for Easter and set there displays with beautiful Easter lily’s that look like they are a wrapped basket so fresh but when should I buy is always my question. I know with something live it will be only a matter of time that my blue thumb will get in the way, so I decide to wait for the day before to purchase and I end up hunting since they are now all gone. I think there is a better idea out there and now I know, it’s called an artificial arrangement. So easy to create and lasts a very long time with proper care, in fact when I was done I went big and was ask to make 3 dozen for my local church to decorate for service. I was excited and nervous but when the project was complete they looked exactly like the one’s you see at the florist or when you are shopping in your local grocery store. Now I have decided why now share my experience and somewhat knowledge with you. This could also make a fun family project to do.

Materials needed:

Artificial Day or Tiger Lily’s (preferred at least 2 flowers and 1 bud)

Planters Pot

Spanish Moss

Painters tape

Floral Foam

Celophane or Wrapping Paper

Scissors/hot glue gun

Ribbon or a big bow

How To:

Cut your Floral Foam to fit in your planters pot

Place glue on bottom of pot and on floral foal to adhere, let dry.

Place one lily in each container in center of floral foam (add a touch of glue to the stem so it stays in place…..criss-cross tape on top of planter’s pot to hold the silk flowers in place until glue dries, or you can hold until it dries normally doesn’t take very long.

Take a square of your cellophane or wrapping paper and place under your pot then lift your paper up so it covers the pot and it should be big enough to pass the lip of your pot. I then used my glue gun to fasten to the pot – it just made it look cleaner this way.

You can now take a giant bow or ribbon or any other creative idea you may have and wrap around container. Us a little glue to hold in place so it doesn’t slip down and stays in place.

Top off with some Spanish moss inside your pot to add the effect that this is a growing flower and walah! You are done. Use around your house as Easter d├ęcor give to friend, family member, neighbor or a business that you use for there lobby area. At the end of the season you can pack away for the following year always having your supply ready for the next year.

Source by Chad Young