Dressing Table: To Reflect the Beauty of Your Room

Whether it is about practicing a speech or doing make-up, a dressing table helps you to bring out the best version of yourself for the day ahead. Can you imagine having to leave for a party without getting to check your face, makeup or primp yourself? You can not make yourself comfortable if that is the situation, which implies, that a dresser is the most important part of your room.

An elegant dresser kept inside the bedroom indicates glamor and also helps you harbor all your cosmetics and keepsakes on it! You can choose from a wide variety available to ador your room and suit your style.

Check for the following types:

  1. Duchess Style : Being terribly convenient, this type of table has an adjustable mirror and drawers to add to the ease. All you need to do is sit and adore yourself or practice a conversation. If you have a lot of stuff to be stored, keep the drawers, else remove them.
  2. Edwardian Buying this, can bringing home the legacy of the period of King Edward, who used this elegant design. This type of table contain a detached, framed mirror which can, either be placed on the surface of the table or can be hung on the wall adjacent to the dressing table.
  3. Georgian Style During the Georgian period, Edwardian dressing table was used devoid of the mirror, as a table having a set of drawers to store various things in. It then became a prominent design. Now it can be used to keep multiple face mirrors on and focus on every contour of the face, rather than using a single big mirror.
  4. Victorian Style : Inspired from the period of Queen Victoria, Victorian tables bring in beauty beauty to your room. These tables have a horizontal mirror or a small circular mirror with the floral frame carved of wood and a less number of drawers. A perfect feminine look it imparts to your bedroom, and you will love it!
  5. Parisian or Queen Anne This style gushes in a super amount of sophistication and style effortlessly. A small, delicate wooden box of drawers resting on lavish cabriole legs make it look antique and beautiful. Sit on the ottoman, and feel like a queen, is what this design is all about.
  6. Inlaid Style : This design of the dressing table helps you bring out some more comfort without occupying much space on your bedroom. This design has some space left in between the box of drawers on the either side of the chair to be inserted inside. So, do you want to primp? No need to stand and feel uncomfortable. Just pull out that low-raised chair and relax!

Apart from choosing the style, one can also decide on their dressing table by selecting the material it is made of. One can go for reddish-brown mahogany hardwood or a contemporary looking oak wood with a lighter and luxurious walnut finish! So, to charge up your confidence and get ready to go to the party, having a dresser is a must!

Source by Suman S