Interesting Things To Do With Wholesale Buttons

In fashion designing and clothing, buttons are commonly used as fasteners. They are made from a variety of materials, with plastic being the most common. But, today, buttons can be used in more ways than they had been used previously. As a jewelry designer I use wholesale buttons to design chic and funky necklaces and bracelets. Sometimes, I also use them in crafting.

I have personally crafted a range of interesting and unique things with wholesale buttons and today I am going to share with you some of these ideas. However, you must keep in mind that some of these craft ideas will require you to use lots of button so purchasing them wholesale would be a great idea.

Button Headband

If you have kids around, you can craft beautiful headbands for them using buttons. You can even sell your creations online if you don’t have anyone to gift these lovely and cute headbands. You will need a plain headband on which you can stick colorful buttons of different sizes using strong adhesive. Allow it to dry and you will have interesting headbands to wear, give as gifts or sell online.

Decorate jewelry box

Buttons can be used to decorate the top part of the jewelry box. You don’t necessarily have to use this box to store your jewelry but you can simply use it as a d├ęcor in your home. Using glue, you can stick buttons of different sizes and colors to the top of the box and around the sides as well.

Buttons garland

If you want to do something different when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree this year, you can make a garland using wholesale buttons and drape it around your tree. All the colorful and sparkly buttons used in the garland will add charm and cuteness to your tree.

Button covered eggs

You usually look for painting ideas when it comes to decorating your Easter eggs. But this time, why not do something different. Instead of using paint, stick tiny buttons all around the egg. You can use different colors, mix and match colors and also create different shapes with cute little buttons on your Easter eggs.

Beautiful belt

You can even make a beautiful belt for yourself using mismatched buttons. You can simply arrange the buttons on a plain black belt and stick them together using glue or you can start from scratch and use ribbon as the base for your belt and use needle and thread to sew the buttons into place.

Decorate your bag

Make your bag and accessories look funky by designing them with buttons. You can outline any pattern of your choice on the bag and stitch these elements into place. For example, you can draw out the branches of a tree and use buttons to highlight flowers or fruits.

Source by Jasmin Z