Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

Rice Krispie Easter Eggs – an Easter dessert that is fun, easy and delicious. Your family will love this unique Easter treat. Follow us for more great Easter Food Ideas.

Do you know someone who is having a 75th birthday? This could be a friend or a family member. If so, then it's a good idea to do something special for them on this monumental day. After all, it's not every day that you turn 75. Although you could get them something store bought, a better idea is to make them something from the heart. This can work either or not they are having a birthday party. A handmade gift or other kind of craft will show how much you care for your friend or relative.

The most basic thing you can give to someone on their 75th birthday is a card. Most people just go to a drug store and pick up a card there. While this is nice, it also shows very little effort on your part. Instead, a good way to go about this is to make a card yourself. Although a regular rectangle card is nice, this format has been done too many times. A more creative option is to make the card into a different shape. You could make it shaped like the number 75 so that it carries on the theme of the occasion.

If you plan on purchasing a premade present for your friend or family member on their 75th birthday, you can still make it special for them by placing handmade gift tags on each present. If you make these creative pieces by hand, you will still add that personal touch to the event.

Source by Gail Leino